I suppose you’re wondering why?

I’m Hollee, I suppose you know that by now. I started this blog after some advice from my partner. ‘You’re creative, why don’t you start a blog and write it all down.’
So I did.
The difference is my partner is a web designer/developer, so he understands all this. I am not.
I am a self taught photographer, I currently work in sales which (with a mind like mine) can be a bit mundane sometimes. I write. I’d like to think of myself as a poet (one got published). You’ll find it in the deepest depths of waterstones! I’m also trying to teach myself how to draw, a couple of years ago I wanted to be a tattoo artist. My mum even bought me 2 machines for Christmas (she’s amazing. You’ll hear more about her I’m sure!) I didn’t feel I could draw well enough to begin to start. So I’m trying to practise that in my spare time.
I live in a beautiful home in southern England with my boyfriend Zak and two guinea pigs, Clove and Cinnamon, not to mention our two less furry friends our geckos Little One an Geoffery.
I guess you’ll find out more about me as the days go on. I’ll post loads of pictures too, I can’t help it!