Just my luck!

This is going to be a little page of unlucky things that always happen to me (mainly on public transport)

So this morning I get the train to our Croydon office. Get myself a seat get comfy plenty of nice empty seats around me. (Someone always sits next to me in this instance). So we stop at a station and on walks a lady (seemed normal) she sat next to me. I should have known. If it wasn’t bad enough that she’d ruined my cosy little set up, she decides at 7.50AM it would be a great time to paint her nails. Because I really wanted acetate fumes for breakfast. So I let it slide and carry on my day.
On the way home however the train is late and therefore packed. I expect to have to sit next to someone. (To my surprise there is loads of seats) so we all squeeze on and who decides to sit next to me? Burger King girl. Sitting there munching on a whopper right next to me. Eughhhh! So she finishes her burger then continues to salt a pile of fries hidden in her bag. Irritating thing is my leg got well seasoned also. She then proceeds to quench her thirst from all the salt slurping as she goes.

It the past I have also had…
Nivea man. Slathering on Nivea at every possible moment.
Hair pulling man. This was on a bus. I have quite long hair so he decided to pull little bits (maybe in an attempt to clone me, he wouldn’t want to. Two such cynical people must never live on the same earth. Hollee2 would become my nemesis)
Talking to myself whilst staring at you lady. That one was weird.

Public transport prices are rising. For our comfort. Yet whenever I talk public transport I seem to leave high, salty and confused. Don’t think that’s worth £9.20 one way!


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