It’s been a hard few days

I do find myself feeling guilty when I say things have been hard. I know people are far worse off than me but emotionally I’ve been drained. I’m really struggling at work what with conflicts of personalities.
Found myself having a bout of crying all evening yesterday.
I hate crying I rarely cry but in a way it felt good to get it out.
I often feel as if I am facing a brick wall in life. I’m sure you feel the same too. Finding the strength to not just climb over that wall but to knock it to the ground is a challenge.
This probably won’t be a positive post if I’m honest.
I always feel bad telling my friends and family how I feel. I feel like a burden to them and I’m usually the one giving advice.
If for one moment I could detach myself from my situation and see it from the outside I’m sure I’d know what to do.
We’ll see. I’ve tried so hard to be happy and positive this last week I seem to have lost track of how I really feel and let it bubble over.
I only have the rest of today to face then tomorrow it may be better.

When I feel like this I want to run. Go where no one can find me and collect my thoughts. Right now (what with work) that’s not possible so instead tonight when I get home. I will get my cleaning done get comfy and lose myself in some drawing I think. I’m looking forward to that so much!!

Hope I haven’t made you feel down, I’ll perk up in a bit. I promise!



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