Off to bed now.

Off to bed now after a cheeky work out with mum and a nice dinner with Zak. My chicken with tomatoes is the bomb. (Okay so it’s Jamie Oliver’s recipe but whatever 😉 )
I’ll post the recipe at some point. Caring is sharing.

I learnt a few things about myself today like what I posted earlier. I think to improve myself I need to stop investing in grievances about others. Make myself think “are you really going to let what they think stop you? No. So don’t let it affect you”.

Every action has a reaction. But who says that the reaction has to be negative? No one. Life is what you make it and I’m trying to make mine the best I can in whatever circumstance.

We pumped up my exercise ball earlier. First time of inflation! My mum told me there is an exercise that you can do to “strengthen your core” (I hate the term core, makes me feel like an apple and they are round. I don’t want to feel like one of those!) that was a bit off topic anyway the exercise, basically you’re meant to balance on the ball on your knees! Impossible? Yes. I can’t balance to put my shoes on. It felt like riding a bike my mum yelling to me “it’s okay I’ve got the ball, just balance!” Made me laugh so much!!!

Anyway ridiculousness over. Get a good rest and think about what I said. You never know it could apply with you too (the motivation thing I mean, not the balance ball. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone!)

Haha, ciao.



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